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Zombie vs. T-Rex

A Crazy song and game of tag in minor. Copyright Harmons, DelRossi, & Khloussi


Trex arms retract

Zombies we attack

Walk and do not run

Catch them one by one x6 


Thought we're down one limb

Their futures looking Grimm

Tag them on the back

Extract w/o impact, one by onex5


(Partner song)


Falling on the ground 

Bodies all around

In threes you can revive

To keep your team alive


One by one x5



Game Rules
Zombie vs Trex 


1. Players divide into two teams.

2. Trex players must have "Trex arms." To accomplish this one can simply hold arms in a claw-like form or pull arms inside t-shirts so they are shortened(see photo 1)

3. Zombies must choose and arm or a leg that is immobile/not working; that limb must simply hang or drag. 

4. No one is allowed to run in this game. Zombies must mimic a slow zombie walk/speed. TRexs must take large, long, dinosaur-esque shapes. 

5. TRex can tag zombies anywhere as long as they are following the above arm and no running rules.

6. Zombies may only tag TRexs between the shoulder blades/below the neck as if they are pulling out a brain to eat. 

7. Once a player is tagged they must fall to the ground in a dramatic fashion according to their character.

8. Players can be revived if three of their kind touch them simultaneously. 

9. Players will sing the game song as a review of rules. At the end of the song the game can begin.

10. The game is over when an entire side is left on the ground. 


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